The best FreeCell Solitaire app in the store.

Smart hint and solution in any position - features you won't find anywhere else.

Ever wondered if the position is dead end? The smart hint will tell you and offer to undo until solvable. Want to check out the solution, from any position? The app's built-in solver will show you. And all these work even when you are offline.

FreeCell by Logify offers unlimited random deals and 2 billion numbered deals (using the well-known numbering scheme). The vast majority of the deals are solvable and the solver will often find the shortest win.

The app has many more features to give you endless hours of entertainment. Here is a short list of some of them:

• Daily Challenges

• Auto complete option when all cards are unblocked

• Option to shade blocked cards

• Unlimited undos

• Statistics, top 10 scores (tap on the score/time/moves)

• Leaderboards and achievements

• Single tap or drag and drop

• Cards and backdrop options

• Crisp, classic, easy to read cards

• Smooth, responsive game interface, great for speed playing as well

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